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For the fifth and final season of the sci-fi web series FUTURESTATES, producer ITVS decided to reboot the series as an immersive, next-generation project. For the first time, it utilizes a shared storyworld between each of the individual films, a rich backstory, and an immersive web experience across multiple online platforms to tell a larger story.

The goal was to experiment with a new narrative form and a nonlinear storytelling structure, yet allow each of the films to still stand on its own. Mike lead the team from Murmur who was commissioned by ITVS to conceptualize, design and produce the overarching experience.

The team from Murmur developed the storyline for the main character, Dr. Evelyn Malik, and produced all of the video, audio and text “artifacts” that connect through the site. The team also designed and developed the primary rich media site and collaborated with ITVS on the social media rollout across their Twitter and Tumblr presences.

Select Press:
Killscreen, October 2014
Filmmaker Magazine, May 2014
Future of Storytelling, May 2014