Him, Her and Them

In 2011 Mike lead the team that conceived and created the first-even Social Film. Whereas traditional films are linear narratives, a Social Film combined traditional storytelling with audience participation.

Him, Her and Them explored the idea of shaping the story via simple text additions, much in the same way that comments work on Facebook pages. Additionally, the content was then filtered by each viewer's own social network within Facebook. Therefore, viewers only saw contributions from their social graph.

The project tells a timeless, archetypal story of a young man living in a city. Thematically, it explores the idea of power, and how our notions of power are shaped through our relationships, and also through media.

Select Press:
Fast Company, August 2011
Springwise, August 2011
The Creators Project, August 20111

Him, Her and Them Him, Her and Them Him, Her and Them Him, Her and Them Him, Her and Them